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Village Čajkov
First written reference about Čajkov dates back to year 1276. Today, the village has 1055 inhabitants. Its characteristic feature is traditional Tekov dress still worn today by elderly women. Women nowadays still master difficult art of making decorative costumes, which made them famous even abroad. In Čajkov, people still keep traditions of their ancestors and remember them on celebrations called "Čajkovské vinobranie", which take place at the end of the season of grape picking.
Čajkov is famous for its vineyards and a quality vine. Most of the villagers devote their time to vine cultivation, roots of which dates back to 11th century. Every year local Vineyard association organize regional gustation of vine. Participation and quality of this event grows from year to year.

Location of the village
Čajkov (Slovakia) is situated in the northern part of Levice district, near by to the river Hron. It is a part of a Nitra region. Čajkov territory covers the area of 2394 ha. Bigger part is a formation of peaks and hillsides of Stiavnica hills. Northern part of Čajkov territory was incorporated into a Protected regional area of Štiavnica hills. Beauty of the surrounding nature is accessible for the public thanks to an Educational path called "Čajkovske bralie".

"Čajkovské vinobranie" - vine festivities
2 day lasting folklore festival "Čajkovské vinobranie" take place in autumn every year at the peak of the grape picking. During these festivities many local singing, theatrical and dance groups and also many guest groups from around the region perform. There is a market place where you get to taste must (new vine) from our vine makers, taste traditional meals of our region as baked goose, "lokše" (fried pastry), "perky" (pasta filled with plum jam sprinkled with poppy seeds, walnuts or sugar) or plum jam. Open to the public are many exhibitions and expositions of crafts that are mend to remind people the way our ancestors lived.

Regional "degustation" (quality check) of vine production
Regional "degustation" of vine is organized by Vineyard association of Čajkov and Common office in Čajkov and held every year in spring months. Its mission is to evaluate the production of vine of agricultural cooperations, vine companies, private producers and small cultivators from Levice district and neighbouring regions. Professional committee, whose members are famous vine experts, classify the vine.

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Čajkovské bralie

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